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Sherri O'Callaghan

Sherrie is an autonomous Family Nurse Practitioner, board-certified through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. She was born and raised right here in Charlotte County. Sherrie has enjoyed caring for individuals across the life span throughout her healthcare career. Her various areas of experience include hospital-based acute and critical care, emergency medicine, family practice, internal medicine, aesthetics, hematology, and medical oncology.

After graduating from Charlotte High School in 2001, she continued to work and volunteer in the medical field throughout her undergraduate and graduate education. Her educational degrees consist of an Associates in Arts, Associates in Nursing, Bachelor’s in Nursing, and a Master’s in Nursing Practice. She obtained her 2 associates degrees from our local Florida South Western State College (2005 Associates degree in pre-med track and 2011 Associates degree in Nursing).  She received her 2015 Bachelor’s degree in Nursing was achieved through the University of South Florida in Tampa. In 2019 she completed her graduate studies at the former Deaconess College of Nursing, now known as Chamberlain College of Nursing in Chicago, IL and Miramar, Fl.

Sherrie, her husband Joe, and their two young boys enjoy living here in Punta Gorda. Together they enjoy visiting parks, farmers markets, museums, sporting events, and spending time with family and friends. In her spare time, Sherrie enjoys  reading and learn about the latest advances in healthcare. She also takes great joy in giving back to her community through volunteerism. Sherrie serves as a volunteer CPR instructor and as a volunteer Nurse Practitioner at the Virginia B Andes free clinic for the underserved of Charlotte County.

As your primary care provider, Sherrie’s goal is to partner with you in achieving your best state of wellbeing. She believes this is accomplished not only through the diagnosis and treatment of her patient’s underlying medical conditions, but by serving as a guide to empower the patient to be an active participant in their own healthcare. Together, Sherrie and her patients formulate a plan of care that is individualized to meet their unique needs while remaining evidence-based and scientifically sound in keeping with current guidelines/recommendations. Sherrie shares the same ideals as Premier Health Plus- where patient-centered healthcare is promoted through accessibility, reliability, and communication with your primary care practitioner. 

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