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What can a NP do?

Autonomous Nurse Practitioners (NP’s) are authorized by Florida law to provide Primary Care consistent with the standard of care acknowledged as best care practices.  NP’s can:


Diagnose Acute and Chronic Illness

  • Initiate and interpret laboratory tests

  • Initiate and interpret results of Xray’s, CT scans, MRI, Dexa Scans etc.

  • Perform comprehensive physical and psychological exams

  • Interpret data from all diagnostics / form a diagnosis and initiate a plan of care

  • Perform Pulmonary Function Tests and interpret results; begin interventions

  • Perform EKG and interpret

  • Perform pre operative risk assessment for the surgeon


Treat Acute and Chronic Illness

  • Initiate treatments (Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, etc.)

  • Prescribe and titrate medications

  • Prescribe and titrate controlled substances (pain medications, anxiety medications)

  • Perform biopsy of skin lesions; remove selected skin lesions

  • Refer to specialists when indicated or requested

  • Follow up your care from hospitalization and initiate rehabilitation resources


Preventive Health Care

  • Identify patient/age specific risks to health

  • Modify risk to decrease probability/severity of disease

  • Perform routine testing and interpretation of results to assess risks

  • Follow the risk panel until all modifiable risks are attenuated


Women’s Health

  • Perform preventive evaluations for breast health and cervical health

  • Identify and treat urinary track infections; Sexually transmitted diseases

  • Identify risk and treat risk for osteoporosis

  • Identify pregnancy and validate with blood analysis

  • Identify and treat menopausal symptoms

  • Education of the patient relative to women’s health issues

  • Initiate contraceptive methods 


Men’s Health

  • Identify/quantify risk for prostate issues

  • Work with patient with testosterone issues and erectile dysfunction


IV Therapy

  • Prescribe and infuse hydration and selected vitamin infusions


Patient Education

  • Help the patient understand their bodies, what is giving them concern and how we treat an acute or chronic illness.

  • Initiate smoking cessation process with you.

  • Help educate you regarding preventive medicine and risk factor reduction


Perform Procedures

  • Subcutaneous surgical procedures

  • Removal of ear wax

  • Insert IUD’s /Remove

  • Perform microscopic examination of blood and urine

  • Suture selected lacerations

  • Incision and drainage of selected abscess’s


**This list is not inclusive, but meant as an illustration of the independence of NP’s to provide you primary care.



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